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Small Rewards

I was trying to fit in an early morning hike before some appointments that day. I started out with the intention of hiking in for one hour and forty five minutes then turning around. One hour and forty minutes later, after all the tree cover darkness, I made it here. I happily snapped my reward and headed back down.

Sea of Clouds

Cross-country skiing through thousands of feet of clouds on Amabilis Mountain paid off with this lunch break view of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness peaks.

Snow Lake

The smoke from the wild fires east of Cle Elum is evident in the sky color.

Heavenly Hikers

A beautiful, clear tri-cities day provided the atmosphere to make this shot look a bit surreal, almost like hiking into the heavens!


Pax was taking a gander at the sea gulls while the wind blew his ears around.

Prairie Star

One of the few flowers which wasn't blowing on this windy day at the Labyrinth!

Falls Creek Falls

Falls Creek and the falls were spectacular on this easy 4 mile RT hike!

Misty Mountain Sunrise

Mount Rainier tends to steal the show when you're on Noble Knob, but make sure you shift your gaze to the north once in a while.

Index Wall Hike

Great hike to a glorious view of what Washington has to offer! Panoramic shot, doesn't to an ounce of justice to the real thing.

wild waves

watercolor reflections from Second beach

Marmots on top

I got my hard hat at the Mailbox Peak work party and celebrated by hiking to the top to check the mail afterwards. My knees sure are looking forward to the opening of the new trail!