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Chiaroscuro Moment on Tiger

Sunlight cascading through the Douglas firs and Western hemlocks creates a moment of dark-light contrasts on the West Tiger 3 trail.

Moving a Sill

The log fell a little bit further than expected, so it needed to be hauled up to the new bridge.

Lady's slippers

the new San Juan National monument... upgrades to the mud hole road..otherwise the same great views

Sunlit Chocolate Lilies

We saw about 50 of these along the Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail near the junction of the road to the orchard.

Boulder River Wildflower

Taken On The Boulder River Trail With Fellow WTA Member Micah Glassey And His 18 Month Old Son Parker. What A Great Day!


Pit stop on lower bridal veil falls.

WTA Headquarters Is Somewhere Over There

Seen from Mount Si, Mount Constance and the Olympics dwarf the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. From Mount Si on a clear day, one can resolve landmarks such as the Columbia Tower, Smith Tower, and Space Needle. Conversion of the photo to grayscale helps compensate for atmospheric haziness that limits resolution. Taken with a Nikon S8200, shutter 1/800 sec, f/5.1, ISO 100.

Feature Show Falls

The second big waterfall along the trail, the first is pre-show falls