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First Pink Tweedy's Lewisia

We saw this pink Tweedy's Lewisia on a hillside as we were driving the Mills Canyon Road which had an AWESOME display of wildflowers! Mills Canyon Road would be an excellent road walk as there were hundreds of Tweedy's Lewisia on the hillsides and rocks along the road. These were joined by many other wildflowers. One could park along a wide spot on the road and wander the hills! We will put this on our spring "to do" list for next year!

White Larkspur

We saw several white larkspur plants along the Mills Canyon Road. According to C.P. Lyons in his book, Wildflowers of Washington", Larkspurs with white flowers have a limited range in Okanogan and Chelan Counties. We also saw some in Swakane Canyon. The Mills Canyon Road which starts just past MP 3 on the Entiat River Road would be a beautiful walk as we saw hundreds of Tweedy's Lewisias on the hillsides and on rocks for a 5 mile stretch. They were accompanied by many other beautiful wildflowers!

Heather Lake

Heather Lake @ North Cascade - Mountain Loop Highway

Lake Serene

Partially snow covered Lake Serene. At tits best !

In the Morning Light

Catching a glimpse of Feature Show Falls on the Boulder River Trail in the Morning Light.

Old Growth Stump

This caught my eye, as we were hiking the Boulder River Trail