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Guye Peak

Beginning of the hike up Guye Peak. Follow creek beds underneath vegetation.

Winter Wonderland

The two mile loop that runs around the sledding hill at Oldman Pass sno-park is perfect if you have an hour to spare for snowshoeing. I can't think of a more peaceful way to spend a sunny winter afternoon.

Snow, Snow, Snowshoe

Panorama view of the northfork of the Nooksack River. Taken during an afternoon of snowshoeing at the Salmon Ridge Sno-Park, Mount Baker National Forest.

Father & Daughter

My dad and sister snowshoeing on a trail that encircles the Oldman Pass snow-park.

Winter Wonderland

Entering the winter wonderland . . . taken during an afternoon of snowshoeing at the Salmon Ridge Sno-Park in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

The Valley Below

Skagit Valley and Skagit Bay come into view as the clouds begin to clear . . . taken from the Samish Overlook along the trails to the Oyster Dome.


Photo taken on the trail to Reflections Lake, Mt Rainier

Oaks in Fog

Did a short hike in the riparian areas of Snow Mtn Ranch. These two oaks are particularly striking in the fog.

Evening Color at Staircase

This photo was taken right after sunset where the North Fork of the Skokomish enters into Lake Cushman. Once again we learn that after the sun sets, stick around because the light will become more intense as the camera sees it.