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Au Sable River Man Trip.

My son, brother, & nephew took our annual man trip on the AuSable River in Northern Michigan.

Gray Peak

Great hike up to Gray Peak then to East Oval Lake in the North Cascades.

Tunnel Falls

Taken at Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek trail near the Columbia River Gorge

New Moon Night

Floral displays below Steamboat Rock on the afternoon of a New Moon night.

Sup Dog?

Balsamroot and Indian Paintbrush against the mighty Columbia River.

Loopy for Lupin

We stumbled upon a magificent garden of waist-high Lupin on a hike in Black Canyon.

Misty Mystic Forest

New growth cedars, hemlocks, and Douglas firs line the trail to Teneriffe Falls, forming a gauntlet of trees and mist on either side of a trail that stretches into the distance.


Spring flowers bring smiles to the faces of humans and canines alike!

Two man saw

Still sawing logs after all these years....

Springtime in the Gorge

Taken near the top of Dog Mountain. May is an excellent time to climb because the flowers are in full bloom!