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Palouse Falls Milky Way Arch

A year ago, I ventured to Palouse Falls and spent my first night under the stars taking pictures, marveling with every exposure at what my viewfinder revealed. This summer I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and during the six months of chemotherapy I ventured to Palouse Falls several times. The scope of the falls helped me keep things in perspective. Last week I finally had regained enough strength to return for a night under the stars at the falls where I took this picture. The glow of civilization is seen on the horizon, small fires under the massive ancient flow of the Milky Way and carving waters of the Palouse.

Fawn Lily

There were lots of these along the trail, and they all wanted their picture taken.

Little Si Sunset

My favorite part of spring: the days are long enough to go on post-work sunset hikes. Aahh!

Trees in the mist

Near the trailhead at Monte Cristo Mine Hike off of Mountain Loop Highway. Within the first half mile of the 8 mile round trip hike looking up the embankment. This was taken in the late afternoon just after a warm August rain shower in 2013.

Sharing the Rocks of Sharon

We hiked to the Rocks of Sharon from the Stevens Creek trailhead, making an 8 mile loop around the Iller Creek trailhead.

Snowshoes Required.

Towards the summit of Dirtyface Lookout and Peak... It was steep and slushy!

Mount Hood

View from Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve


took a 2 second exposure to smooth out the water a little.