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View from Turtleback Mtn

I had been wanting to hike up here for a long time. I got the opportunity this weekend when we were visiting Orcas Island.

Rock Trail

A hike in the clouds on this particular day in the Chuckanuts brought out a quiet massiveness to the cliffs along the new Rock Trail.


GREAT DAY FOR WATERFALL'S , water seemed to be flowing from everywhere today :)

Kamiak Butte sunset

A last ray of daylight breaks through the storm clouds to illuminate the Palouse prairie, as viewed from the Pine Ridge trail at Kamiak Butte County Park, Whitman County.


visiting family at birch bay state park

Big Rock

a beautiful view from Big Rock over the Spokane Valley

Big Rock

a view from a trail close the Big Rock


Some type of fungi growing on logs near West Fork Foss River

Mt Rainier

On the ridge just below Castle Peak in the Tatoosh Range looking back at Rainier

Big Rock

i View of the big Rock From Stevens Creek Rd

spring thaw

so many different falls coming down was hard to decide on one image ,my friends and i voted we picked this one...

Lake Serene

May 18, 2014. The clouds make Lake Serene so unbelievable and dramatic. The glacier peaks were showing off today.