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On Top of the World

We hiked up Table Mountain just in time for the sunset. A tough climb of over 3,000 feet in four miles, the view at the top makes it well worth the effort. You get just as daring as you like at the mountain's cliff face, as you enjoy a fantastic views of the gorge and several mountains including Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helens.

Bandera Mountain Hike 5/31/14

What a beautiful day for a hike! We walked to the North side of the Mt on the snow pack to get this view. Mt. Defiance and Mason lake on the left.

Kids Exploring

The punchbowl along the Spruce Railroad Trail is a beautiful spot to stop and explore. This is one of the many gems Lake Crescent has to offer.

Blushing trillium

Soon it will turn maroon, then wither away, but what a pretty pink. It must have just been pollinated.



Tweedy's Lewisia Surprise

We almost fell over when our eyes spied bunches of this uncommon flower in big bunches along the Fourth of July Creek trail.

Tree, Falls

Close-up of tree bark as Wallace Falls thunders in the background.

Enchanted Valley Bear

Was greeted by this guy at Enchanted valley. He would cast an eye in our direction every so often but was mostly in to his morning feast in the meadow. He was large and in charge, magnificent! After about 15 minutes of grazing he walked across this log and disappeared back into the forest.

Evening at Cape Alava

My wife Marilee, taking in the early evening view at Cape Alava. This was her first of many backpacking trips. The tears in her eyes said it all...


Bottom pool Murhut Falls

sperry peak

clouds broke ,almost the same time we were heading to sunrise mine trail,as if to say take a picture of me AWESOME!!