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Carkeek Caterpillar

A western tent caterpillar (Malacosoma californicum) near Piper's Creek. This orange and black beauty will blossom into...a brown-winged moth. Taken with my Nikon S8200.

Western Coralroot

The hot pink coralroot brightens up a background of green forest.

Sapsucker visitor

Three of us hiked along the Thunder Creek trail to the McAllister Bridge. While eating lunch there, we were visited by several sapsuckers and I took this picture.

Ape Cave Skylight

Exploring Upper Ape Cave with a little extra illumination from the "Skylight."

Rainbow Cirrus Cloud

After taking a crack peaks along Ragged Ridge, we caught this view just below Easy Pass on our way out.

Rainy day outing

Lake Elizabeth (#1071) Central Cascades - Stevens Pass - West; Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Skykomish Ranger District and Apex Mine

Trout Lake

Trout Lake, Skykomish, West Foss River and Lakes hike


Last moments of light at the end of the day at Granite Mountain Lookout

Ira Spring Trail

Heading back down the Ira Spring Trail after a visit to Mason Lake. Mount Rainier visible in the distance.

Purple Leaf Trillium

This is a puzzler, I have never seen one of these. Is it a sport or seedling variation? I think it is a seedling variation because of the multiple stems coming up. A sport would only have one purple stem, I think.

Mount Olympus

View of Mount Olympus from Blue Glacier lateral moraine.

In the Valley.

Trying to get to Glacier Basin and came across an 18th century mining town.