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Tiny Frog

WTA Volunteer vacation - on the path to worksite. Tiny frogs.

Lake Serene

Beautiful Hike up to Lake Serene. It was the perfect day for a reflection shot.

Ranier view

Beautiful shot of Rainier from Norse Peak Trail

Grouse Display

The common "whomp-whomp" of the grouse turned into an uncommon display on Sahale Arm.

Marmots on the Mountain

Special contribution to the marmot collection. For the full set, see:

A young marmot near Royal Basin

On our hike up to the Upper Royal Basin in Olympic National Park we came upon a meadow which had tons of marmots scurrying about, this one was noticeably smaller and fuzzier so it caught my eye as a likely juvenile of sorts.

Summit Lake

Beautiful clear day with endless views of the lake and Mt. Rainier

Enjoying the view

Our lunch time picture. Enjoying the unobstructed view of "the mountain"


On the trail to Slide Lake

Beautiful Sol Duc Falls

After backpacking with the family on the coast we stopped for a night a Sol Duc Hot Springs. The next morning we checked out Sol Duc Falls before heading home.