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Super Moon Trail

Taken on July 12, 2014 on Sourdough Ridge trail in the Sunrise Region of Mount Ranier.

Morning Moon Over the Mountain

We began our traverse towards 3rd Burroughs in the early morning hours... and had the pleasure of watching the moon above the vast green views of the northeast side of the park.

Mount Rainier

View of Mount Rainier Heading to Burroughs Mountain from Frozen .

Mima Falls

Hemi watching out for intruders (aka squirrels) while we eat lunch at the falls.

Beautiful Wall of Trees

If you are on the Grand Ridge Trail 200 yd below the summit of Elk Mountain then you can look south and see this incredible wall of conifers.

Perego's Lake

Perego's Lake from above on Perego's Bluff on the Ebey's Landing Trail

Beckler Peak Navigation

Two of our mid-week hikers identifying peaks surrounding the summit of Beckler Peak (East Peak)


Taken on Mt Ellinor, Olympics