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Mt. Ellinor

Collage of pictures from a recent hike up Mt. Ellinor

Skyline Lake Snowshoe

A snowshoe hiker approaches one of the monoliths that make up the Rock Garden above the west side of Skyline Lake

Pillars & Hiker

A hiker is dwarfed by the basalt columns of Riverside State Park

unlikely flowers

Take a moment to see the life at your feet as you work along the trails at Sharpe Park. Photo by treeana.

Sunset on Whidbey Island

I caught this sunset while hiking the Joseph Whidbey State Park Trail down to the beach. A beautiful sunset with a Blue Heron enjoying the sunset also.

Icicles on the Mad River

While looking for potential snowshoe trails in the Entiat, I admired the icicles along the Mad River.

Rattlesnake Ledge

This is the view from the 2nd ledge, the next one after Rattlesnake Ledge on East Peak trail.

Mt. Baker

Snow galore w/ Mt. Baker in the background on the summit of Mount Dickerman.


Sunny, cold, windy, beautiful

Happy Valentines' Day

I spotted this heart shaped rock on the beach on the 1st of Feb. what timing! Photo by Muledeer at Ebey's Landing.

Heather Lake, Winter

Top of the Heather Lake Trailhead, at the foot of what is the north face of Mount Pilchuck. Light, clouds, fog, and snow curling over the peaks.

Ice cave

approaching big four ice cave

River Freezing

Beautiful ice formations on a cold February morning on the Lime Kiln trail

Sourdough Mountain View

Overlooking Diablo Lake and various peaks of the beautiful North Cascades from a ridge at around 5500' up on Sourdough Mountain.