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Snow lake beauty

I've found the snow lake trail to offer the best scenery. And this is why...


heading to lake serene,but my friend hurt his leg this is as far as we got

Annette Lake

Annette Lake captured on a clear November day.

Chinook Pass

Looking towards Chinook Pass from the Crow Lake Trail

Ice Beads

This was taken on the way to Copper Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness on a very cold day. The water that normally beads up froze.

Red, Yellow & White Sticks

There's beauty in the leafless branches of the Cowiche Canyon. Red, yellow and white sticks add drama to the desert-scape.

Mossy giant

One of the beautiful giants at the Hoh Rainforest.

River Solitude

Before you get to Franklin Falls the South Fork Snoqualmie River is looking gorgeous this time of year.

Heather Lake

foggy trip to Heather Lake off of the Mountain Loop Highway, December, 2013.

Snow Lake

The partial frozen Snow Lake on a very wet day