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Snowdrifts and Shuksan

My husband and I do an annual snow camping trip between Christmas and New Years, and this year the day that worked out was New Years Eve. Thankfully the weather cooperated too! Love Artist Point, and how wonderful to celebrate the advent of 2015 in the mountains. This is our camp on New Years Day.

Daisy Heart

I was in the Olympics with a friend ,and there was a light rain creating awesome drops on all the flowers took a close up on a daisy and we instantly noticed the drop in the center was shaped like a perfect HEART..

Worth Looking At

My friends soaking up the view from atop pyramid rock on Silver Star Mountain.

Climb Above the Clouds

We climbed above the clouds on Umtanum Ridge, south of the creek, for cool views and foggy valleys.

Winter Sun

The picture was taken on our way back from Oyster Dome late in the day.

Mt Si after Christmas

This photo taken just east of the town of Snoqualmie a bit beyond their high school. Crystal day after a snowfall. A beautiful sight but perhaps a very challenging day to hike the summit

January Hail

It was hailing like there was no tomorrow out at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

12th Man @ Mailbox Peak

It seemed like a good idea to carry up a 12th Man flag to Mailbox Peak in the freezing rain as an offering to the football gods on the eve of the NFC Championship game.

Mt. Adams sunset

looking NW at Mt. Adams from just north of Centerville, WA 30 seconds before sunset