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Husky Gaze

My husky mix, Emma, enjoying the view.


Went on a new hike today on the Ira Spring Trail, Snoqualmie Pass. Our original plan was hiking to Bandera Mountain. The recent snow interrupted those plans as the last leg of a very steep section was not worth the risk of injury. So, we hiked to Mason Lake. I love reflections so I was busy taking pictures while my husband was cooking our Freeze Dried meals. I didn't realize while taking this picture how the thin layer of ice would play into this photograph. smile emoticon


Emerging fiddle heads - must be spring!

Gray Jay - a.k.a. "The Sandwich Snatcher"

My family and I hiked from Narada falls to the Reflections lakes on the 3 mile loop. We stopped for lunch at the stone wall near the lakes and a bunch of these very personality-filled little birds came to visit. They tried multiple times to snatch our food right out of our hands. It was pretty amusing. Here is a good shot I got of one of them contemplating his next attempt at sandwich snatching.

White Orchid

A nice find along the trail, a color variation of Calypso orchid

Hanford Reach

Hanford Reach and White Bluffs hiking the north Trail

Washington Pass

Early Winter Spires at Washington Pass on the Highway 20 opening weekend.

Ancient Lake

A beautiful, but very hot day. Well worth the short hike to see the lakes and waterfall.

Goat Peak trail 958c

We decided to snowshoe Goat Peak in an April snow storm. Up was hard, down was really hard.

Laying a Foundation

The rock underlayer is necessary for a durable trail. Mineral soil will go on top of this rock layer to complete the tread surface. Hand-crafting makes a difference, too!

The Ghosts Inside

Creating a Natural Optical Illusion with the Windows and Mirrors of Suntop Lookout.