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Looking out of Gothic Basin

Gothic Basin was one of the most phenomenal places I've ever been, the picture just doesn't do it any justice.

The Milky Way from the Muir Snowfield

This was taken at 2:00am at 9200' on the Muir Snowfield. It was socked in all day below Panorama Point but totally clear above. I woke up at 1:30am and looked outside the tent at a completely clear and gorgeous sky and made myself get up and brave the freezing cold to take photos for the next hour and a half.

Lake Cushman

Beautiful day hike on dry creek alongside Lake Cushman

Blanca Lake

Monte Cristo, Kyes and Columbia Glacier reflecting in picture perfect Blanca Lake

Mt Forgotten Meadows

The Summit of Mt Forgotten Meadows ...just a short scramble up from the meadows puts you at 5000ft elev. and gorgeous views of Twin Peaks east, Glacier Mt., Mt Forgotten.

Spiderweb covered in dew

This was one of the many spiderwebs I found on the abandoned oil truck at the end of NF-9021 (accessible to hikers via the Zig Zag trail or dirt bikers via NF-9020/NF-9021).

Into the snowfields

The last remnants of the trail we saw before hitting the snow in all directions

Fog bowl

Near Marmot Pass on the Olympic Peninsula

Lake Cushman

A fantastic view of Lake Cushman from the top of Mount Ellinor

Black Canyon Candy

Western Blue Flax Is blooming big-time in Black Canyon! It is candy for the eyes.

Snowman traitor

My tiny snowman friend looked on unsympathetically as I hung for dear life.