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Esmeralda Basin

Early May hike to Esmeralda Basin. Snow showers made the route interesting.

Spirit Lake

View of Spirit Lake from the Plains-Pumice (Trueman) Trail on Mount Saint Helens

Morning Meadow Light

Just after sunrise, the morning meadows were bathed in light on the trail to Bear Creek Mountain... anemone, buttercups, glacier lilies, and even some tiny magenta paintbrush.

Glacier Basin - Mount Rainier

Many flowers along the trail to the basin and beyond. Part of the basin meadow was carpeted in blue violets. Gorgeous day!

gothic basin

It's like another world on top of Gothic Basin

Identifying assistance, please?!

I encountered this flower, which I've never seen before, hiking along the County Line trail up to the pass overlooking Lake Ann in the Teanaway. It looks like perhaps some sort of anemone? Any identifying assistance would be appreciated!

Evergreen Beach Trail to Eld Inlet

This was taken as we headed down to the beach. Pictured is my 10 year old son and 15 year old sister. The trees provided shade and the trail was easily accessible.

Lake Christine

Louis taking in the beauty of Lake Christine on our way to Mount Beljica

Mt Beljica

Wildflowers were everywhere that day, even up at the top!

The male flowers of western meadowrue

We found the female flowers farther down the mtn, and the male flowers further up. Question: Is the pollen blown downhill by the wind? It would seem so.