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Wilderness Blanket

Following a deer trail near Whitman County Park, Kamiak Butte, just outside Palouse Washington, and I stumble upon this tightly arranged bed of leaves. Not more than 20 x 20 inches square… Neither bushes nor trees that would have dropped them, that I could see, were nearby. I'm thinking a cute, clever, awesome little animal made for itself or its family a sweet bed for chilling through the winter. Nice work, little creature… a true masterpiece.

Spray Park in Fall

After the grueling climb through the dark, mossy forest, this view (on a nice day) emerges for the few willing to go a little farther than most.

Green Velvet

These amazing moss covered giants sure make you feel small!..

Ashland Lake

Quite the quiet hike up to Ashland Lake, love a hike where no one else is at

Stepping into the Past

A high-contrast monochrome view of Dirty Harry's trailhead gives the feeling of journeying into the past as one steps past the concrete blocks that mark the start of Harry's infamous, defunct logging road.

Franklin Falls Trail

It had been a while since I'd been to the falls and what an amazing job was done in improving this trail! It's almost as beautiful as the nature that surrounds it (which says a lot since this area is absolutely breathtaking).

Thompson Lake

Raindrops falling on the thawing ice of Thompson Lake

Grinch in the Waterfall

This is a picture of a waterfall along the road on the northeast corner of Lake Cushman on the way to the North Skokomish River trail. After I got home I noticed an image to the right of the waterfall that looks like the Grinch!

Snow Lake

Taken from the falls by Snow Lake

Olympic Ascent

Climbing to the snow-free summit of Mount Townsend in February.

River in Motion

This was taken on the Mountain Loop Highway using a ND filter with a 46 second exposure.

A waterfall day!

I found this gem driving to the Green Mountain Lookout trailhead. It is located 4.5 miles before you reach the trailhead and is barely visible from the road. I had walked into the woods to take a picture of another nice waterfall, but this one caught my eye.