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Frozen waterfall feeding into Snow Lake.

Footprints in the Sand

The sand dune formations were very unique on this day at White Bluffs North! No wind and full-on sunshine made for a delightful day in the dunes.

Pretty Patterns

I couldn't get enough of the pretty patterns and ripples in the sand at White Bluffs North.

Sign of Spring

Is there not a better sign of spring along the trail than our native currant? This one has a pale pink flower instead of the darker color.

Urban Hiking

The Arboretum, no better place to do an urban hike, lots of trails, lots of flowers.

Taking in the Views

We climbed a spur ridge on the east end of Bethel Ridge off of Highway 12. We found sun, snow and spectacular views!

Turnpike Building is a Dirty Job

Perhaps Mike Rowe should come profile WTA volunteers. A turnpike takes shape on the Fragrance Lake trail, one bucketful of mineral soil at a time.

The Falls below Goat Lake

The water emptying out of Goat Lake flows over several beautiful waterfalls. The falls pictured here are right below the lake.

Rock and Reflections

This picture was taken on a quiet day at Lake 22. I liked the way the reflection of the trees mimicked the shape of the rock.

What could possibly go wrong?

Intrepid hikers strike out across Snow Lake, apparently not worried about falling through (note several bunched together to add to the excitement).

Cool Clouds

There are always cool clouds reflected in this favorite pond along the Yakima Greenway trail.