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Heliotrope Ridge — Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

North Cascades
Had a great time hiking and snowboarding on Heliotrope Ridge Saturday. We drove up Friday night and there wasn't any snow at the trailhead when we went to sleep. When we awoke Saturday morning the trailhead was blanketed in a couple of inches of fresh snow which got us excited for the day! The trail was in great condition. I only slipped on ice at one of the creek crossings and there was a little bit of mud early on. Snow was thick enough for skis/snowshoes we got out of the trees at ~ 4400ft. A lot of people were out enjoying the fresh snow on their skis, snowboards and snowshoes! At the end of the day the road was fairly icy but had less than 6 inches of snow. People were getting out fine but a 4x4 truck was slipping a bit on their way up. Check out the link to our blog in the 'additional links' section below for more info, pictures and GPX track
The weather was variable to say the least
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