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Lower South Fork Skokomish River — Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015

Olympic Peninsula
A frosty New Year's Day on Lower South Fork Skok.
The road is pretty potholed and torn up for a couple miles near the recent clearcut logging. It's ok with any vehicle if you go slowly. There was also ice on the road today, and the many vehicles we saw were appropriately cautious. The privy at the trailhead is open but no TP when we where there. A NW Forest Pass is required at this (Lower) trailhead. The trail gains about 400' right and the beginning, and boy were we glad of that with temps under freezing today! There are a few trees down before the junction with LeBar trail, all easily negotiable. See pics at link below for a gander at the trees. A WTA crew will be here 1/11 and likely get these. Other than those and one other downed tree mess at around a mile(ish), the trail's in great condition. The water crossings are icy, though, so be careful! Today was busy on the trail, a gorgeous, sunny New Year's Day with happy, friendly hikers and well-behaved dogs enjoying the ancient forest. No snow, but lots and lots of frost an ice made for a winter wonderland, especially down by the river itself. We only hike to Homestead Camp today (2 miles in), then were pleasantly surprised that we could get from there over to the river and spend the rest of our time enjoying frosty fairyland along its banks.
The rocks grew their hair long to try to stay warm.
Fern encased in ice.
Classic Olympics - a mischievous Maple waits to grab unsuspecting hikers off the trail.
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