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Trip Report

Silver Lake - Monte Cristo — Saturday, Apr. 4, 2015

North Cascades
Headed up to Monte Cristo Saturday 4/4/15. Somehow I never checked this one off and figured the mild weather would allow me to knock it, and somewhere beyond, out before the April 15th closure. The road walk up to Monte Cristo was pretty uneventful. I’m a big chicken when it comes to log crossings but this one was wide and sturdy and easy enough even for me. It took a little coaxing to get my dog over the root steps (translation: I lifted her over and got muddied as my reward) on to the log but then even she did fine. It was raining and slush clumps fell from above with some frequency which was more amusing than dangerous. Ok, maybe the clump that fell down the back of my neck was less than amusing. The sun came out to welcome us into Monte Cristo. All was as expected at the town site though it appears some items have perhaps already been removed. On the far side of town we decided to accept the risk of deadly gas, lack of oxygen, unsafe ladders, unstable explosives and more (see picture) and continue on towards Silver Lake. As we ascended towards Poodle Dog Pass the snow increased as did the spectacular views. I never felt a need to put on traction devices on the way up but did wear them on the way back down. A few downed logs were easy to pass. When you come up over the pass the first water you see is not the lake so be sure to continue on until you see the lake in a basin less than a quarter mile further. We sat down a bit above the lake for snacks enjoying a pretty amazing view. So glad I checked this off before the closure especially since the day turned into a beautiful sunshiny day!