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Olympic Feats: Exploring the Queets Trail

Our group had originally intended to do an eight-day trip with three layover days at a base camp 5 miles beyond Pelton Shelter, where the river canyon forms at Service Falls. We were looking to explore a route to the Upper Queets Basin, which would have necessitated getting above the impassable canyon.

Scenic Splendor on the PCT; Rainy to Harts Pass

As is our annual custom for a dozen years now, my brother Keith flew out from Iowa for his annual fix of Seattle seafood, microbrews, and mountain backpacking. Our “to do” list had for some time included the stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Rainy to Harts Pass, but the relatively easy distance of 31 miles had previously caused us to divert to more challenging trips elsewhere.

A Field Guide to Hard Hats

Why do volunteers wear green, orange or blue hats? The answer can be found at WTA's annual Crew Leader College.

Just Say Howdy

A horsepacker shares advice on what to do when you meet four-legged hikers on the trail

Maintaining the Methow

WTA's trail maintenance program extends across the mountains into the Okanogan National Forest

Drying Out

Dehydrating your own food can be a cheap and tasty alternative to prepackaged backpacking meals

Tool Time

Trail maintenance volunteers get their pick of all sorts of cool tools


WTA tests the good, the bad and the ugly in backpacking meals

Spotting Grizzlies

The excitement of looking for bears in British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains

Water Filters

Our test of products designed to give you clean, safe water in the backcountry

Trails Ravaged

October rains and December winds wreak havoc on the state's trails, bridges and forest roads. And it's still only January ...

More Than Just Gear

Avalanche safety courses are essential for exploring winter and spring backcountry safely.