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On the Alert

Douglas squirrels, those noisy seed collectors of the deep forest.

Rails to Trails

Taking the train to hikes and a backcountry lodge in Montana's Glacier National Park

Autumn Hikes

The pleasures of hiking during the turn of seasons

Youth in the Outdoors

In a special section of Washington Trails, we offer tips and inspiration to get young people in the outdoors.

Accessible Trails

People with disabilities seek out hiking opportunities--but still face obstacles

Hidden Wild

Journey to Washington's lesser-known wilderness areas for a change of pace

Oddball Tents

Four uniquely designed tents shake up the sleepy world of shelters

The "Paper Ranger"

Ruth Kirk has built trails, written 37 books and served as a ranger at Olympic and Mount Rainer National Parks

East By Southwest

WTA expands its trail work schedule in Eastern and Southwest Washington

Put a Spork in It

Allison Woods reviews backcountry dining ware from pots and pans to sporks