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Seeking Flowers

A plant geek's trek to the high meadows of Olympic National Park

A Hiker's Garden

Never lose a day of hiking to yard work! A few tips to make gardening easy.

A Transformative Trail

King County Parks employee Jack Simonson helps build a path to ecotourism in a rural Honduran village

Backpacking Favorites

Three classic backpacking trips in the Olympics, the Goat Rocks and the Glacier Peak Wilderness

Backpacking the Big One

With a mountain as vast and splendid as Mount Rainier, how do you choose where to hike and camp? We offer five can't-miss selections

Beacons in the Marsh

You've seen skunk cabbage along the trail, but how much do you really know about it?

Bear in Mind

Washington Trails Jan+Feb 2012 Nature on Trail feature, "Bear in Mind" by Tami Asars. Rehabilitating bears using Karelian bear dogs.

Best of the Crest Feature

The PCT. Three little letters with an intense psychological pull, three little letters that have lured hikers into the wilderness. In this feature, WTA follows the trail and its hikers as they wind through Washington's most sublime scenery.

Beyond Snapshots

Helpful tips and subtle strategies that will make your nature photographs turn out better than ever.

Brave New Trails

We go behind the scenery to give hikers the scoop on seven new trails to enjoy in 2011

Day Hikes and Cheap Sleeps

Great hikes in the Methow, on the Olympic Peninsula, and near Mount Adams, plus some bed and breakfasts that are a great value.