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Trails link people and wild places. They provide us with a place to reconnect with nature—and each other. But every year, more are more trails are in danger of falling off the map.Photo

Urban green spaces provide quick access to the benefits of nature for both new and experienced hikers alike. Hiking doesn't only mean remote wilderness; the trail or park in your neighborhood can be as equally rewarding and rejuvenating to visit. The Trail Next Door campaign is a key part of WTA’s work to create a trail system in Washington that helps people get outside from their backyard to the backcountry. This effort is focused on ensuring everyone in our state has easy access to nature close to home.

The Trail Next Door is helping ensure that nature is always in reach by working in parks in your neighborhood and collaborating with partners to increase access to green spaces across Washington. 

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We need your help to ensure more people have access to the benefits of time spent in nature. Your donations make this work possible. You can also help by hiking and writing trip reports for neighborhood trails and speaking up for public lands.

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Our Work


Hiking Guide Improvements

WTA is working hard to ensure everyone has the information they need to enjoy green spaces close to home.

We've added new urban hikes to our Hiking Guide as well as detailed transit directions so you have the most up to date and accurate information. 

We're adding more local hikes to our Hiking Guide all the time. See what we've added near you!

Learn about our Hiking Guide work

Working Next Door                                    

WTA recognizes the mental and physical health benefits of having accessible trails close to home. It's why we partner with local parks departments across the state to maintain existing trails and build new ones in your neighborhood. 

One of our largest projects is in North Highline where we're working with King County Parks to build brand new trails in Glendale Forest.

See what we're working on next door

Stories From Next Door

WTA Loves Local Trails

WTA Loves Local Trails

Take a look at a roundup of local trip reports from trails next door, then write your own report when you head out to a green space close to home.


Pilot Projects

Trekking by Transit: Tips from a WTA Trip Reporter

We asked Kim Huntress Inskeep, a Seattle-based writer and transit and active-transportation advocate who writes trip reports under the name TransitTrekkern for some tips for taking public transit to your next hike.


Tree in green forest

Small Steps Lead to Big Things

Read a personal perspective on the power of local trails, how they can improve mental health and the joy they bring to our lives.