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Celebrating WTA's Members

Posted by leina at Apr 11, 2023 04:25 PM |

We're celebrating WTA members and the incredible contributions they make for Washington trails on April 15, 2023.

Since Washington Trails Association was founded in 1966, WTA members have worked hard to protect, champion and celebrate trails for the past 57 years. 

Together with the support of more than 26,000 members, our community has accomplished big wins for trails over the years like:

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From discovering trails to building them, WTA members are essential to Washington trails. Photos submitted by various WTA members.

Why do members support trails?

Members support trails for a lot of reasons:

  • “Trails make me find [a] happy me” - Chandra
  • “WTA is an amazing asset to all who love getting a little Washington state dirt on their boots.  The website is an incredible resource. Thanks for all you do!” - Bryan
  • “Absolutely can’t imagine a world without trails. Thank you for your work!” - Jen
  • “At 86 my hiking days are behind me but I want to support outdoor recreation for those who follow, and
  • I enjoy the great pictures in the magazine, which remind me of good times in the mountains in the past. Carry on!” - Geoff

Member profile: Chasing lakes with WTA

Kristine has been a WTA member since 2007. Kristine enjoys hiking frequently as an opportunity to reconnect with herself and nature. She especially likes hiking to lakes, such as Mason Lake or Copper Lake. When we asked Kristine about why she supports WTA, she put it simply: “WTA is there for me.”

Kristine loves discovering new hikes and reading trip reports on the Hiking Guide. She also really appreciates WTA’s trail maintenance crews and has volunteered on a couple work parties herself.

Member profile: Honoring her family by giving to WTA 

Jacqui was first introduced to hiking while attending college in Colorado and has been hooked ever since. She settled down in Washington in 1984 and has enjoyed exploring all of the adventures the state has to offer — from climbing, biking and everything in between. 

Jacqui supports WTA because of her family. Every holiday season — in lieu of giving gifts — Jacqui donates to WTA. As they all enjoy the outdoors, it’s a gift that supports their adventures. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

WTA’s annual member appreciation day

WTA is celebrating members and their incredible contributions to Washington’s trails on April 15, 2023. Members are invited to submit a trip report with the hashtag #MemberAppreciation in the post between now and April 17 to receive WTA’s exclusive member appreciation sticker.

Image: WTA member appreciation sticker.

WTA member exclusive sticker. Designed by WTA staff.

    • Join the incredible individuals in the WTA community and champion trails by donating today.