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Fee Free Day & Road News

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Nov 08, 2009 07:40 PM |
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Fee-Free Day Nov. 11

It's a mid-week day in November, but if you're game, next Wednesday is a great day to head out to the woods to check the new-fallen snow.

Snowshoeing Paradise

The Forest Service and Park Service are celebrating our veterans and Veteran's Day by waiving all day use fees at parks and forests November 11th.

So leave your Northwest Forest Pass at home or gain free entry to Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park or Mount St. Helen's.

Pass Closures

Three feet of snow have fallen on Chinook Pass since Friday, prompting the winter closure of the pass over SR 410 as well as Cayuse Pass on SR 123. The North Cascades Highway (SR 20) is currently temporarily closed, and with more winter weather in the forecast, it too could be closed for the season soon. All three passes typically close during the winter and reopen in the spring.

Cascade River Road Repaired

In other news to file away until the spring, the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest has completed repairs on the Cascade River Road. After two years of restricted access, the Hard Creek Bridge is finished and open for traffic. This is the road that provides access to the Mineral Park Campground and the popular Cascade Pass trailhead.

An avalanche in December 2007 damaged the bridge, and it has been closed or subject to weight limitations ever since.


Nov. 11th

Thanks for the updates! Any suggestions on where to go for the 11th?

Posted by:

OnTheRoad22 on Nov 09, 2009 12:32 PM

Nov. 11th

I always check the Freshest Trip Reports for inspiration. I'm not sure where you live, but a couple of the trip reports from the weekend that caught my eye were Talapus & Olallie Lakes (Snoqualmie Pass) and Lake Serene (Stevens Pass). Or some early season snowshoeing at Mt. Rainier's Paradise. Do check the weather before heading out and have fun!

Posted by:

Susan Elderkin on Nov 09, 2009 12:50 PM