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National Trails Day a Success!

Posted by Diane Bedell at Jun 09, 2010 03:10 PM |
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Kicking off the "trail maintenance season" on National Trails Day, Washington Trails Association partners helped ensure a successful day of giving back.

REI, Mount Saint Helens Institute, and Backcountry Horsemen - OH MY!

Last Saturday was National Trails Day and WTA and our volunteers were out in force! All across the state - from county parks to National Parks - WTA volunteers helped give back to trails as we kick off our trail maintenance season in tall order.

More than 200 volunteers joined in the fun, along with folks from the  Backcountry Horsemen and Boy Scouts. This great group of people contributed more than one thousand hours - keeping brush from pushing the trails off the mountains, fixing up blown out creek crossings, making the trail a bit wider where time and weather had eroded the tread and more. Productivity was high and certainly aided by the (rare) great weather.

WTA's National Trails Day work parties reflected a kaleidoscope of partnerships working for trails across the state. Starting with volunteers recruited by REI in Bellingham and by Conservation Northwest in Spokane, to an awesome after-event barbecue at Sunset Falls Campground hosted by the Mount Saint Helens Institute, our partners in trails worked hard to make this day a success.

If you missed volunteering last weekend, there are many, many opportunities to do so. WTA fields trail work parties six days a week. Check out our schedule and sign up for a work party today!

Thank you for your great work everyone!