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Meet the Trail Community: Land Manager

Jun 23, 2016

What does a career with an agency that primarily works with water have to do with trails on terra firma?

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Meet the Trail Community: Meteorologist

Jun 09, 2016

Though it's summer, there's still snow high up. NWAC meteorologist Dennis D'Amico knows what the weather's doing, and his forecasts help you (and him) make good decisions about where to go hiking.

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Hiking with a New Baby

Jun 09, 2016

Youth Programs Director Krista Dooley and her husband recently welcomed a new baby. She shares what it was like to recuperate from birth, and how hiking has changed for her and her husband now that they're sharing the trail with a third little hiker.

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Q&A with Craig Romano: Washington's '100 Classic Hikes' Guidebook, Rebooted

Jun 08, 2016

Mountaineers Books will launch a gorgeous 3rd edition of "100 Classic Hikes in Washington" and the new edition is far more than a refresh.

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Christina Benton: Mama on a Mission

Jun 08, 2016

Last winter, Christina Benton took to the road with her three kids, for a 64-day trek across the country. Her goal: to share America's National Parks with her children, and to raise awareness about the park service's lack of visitors who look like her family.

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Meet the Trail Community: Advocate

May 18, 2016

Thanks to Mike Denny's background in researching and exploring, he's a champion for trails, helping the next generation develop an appreciation for the natural world.

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Reflecting on 50: Milestones and Moments Ahead

May 16, 2016

A conversation with three board members who are sharing their birthdays with Washington Trails Association.

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Meet The Trail Community: Ham Radio Operator

May 05, 2016

For Tim Nair, reaching the summit is just the beginning of his day. We asked him what exactly goes into being a ham radio operator in the backcountry.

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Meet the Trail Community: Artist

Apr 25, 2016

One look at Herb Purganan’s expansive landscape oil paintings and you notice a theme: vastness. It’s clear that nature inspires him, so we asked what it’s like to experience a trail through the eyes of an artist.

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Meet the Trail Community: Chocolatier

Apr 07, 2016

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to grab a little time in nature. Autumn Martin, owner of Hot Cakes in Seattle brought nature into her business. And, she's sending the profits back out to help the trails she loves.

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Meet the Trail Community: Wildlife Biologist

Mar 17, 2016

To wildlife biologist David Moskowitz, going on a hike might mean walking through someone else's bedroom. Learn how this perspective changes his experience on trail.

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Then and Now: The First Online Trip Report

Mar 04, 2016

Hear about the humble beginnings of and the first trip report filed online.

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Meet the Trail Community: Trail Runner

Feb 25, 2016

Ultra-runner Krissy Moehl reflects on what she gets out of being on trail, whether she's walking or running.

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Meet the Trail Community: Climber

Feb 17, 2016

Tess Wendel climbs to get past where the trail ends. But having a path that leads to that jumping-off point is important.

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Northwest Exposure: Photography Tips from Dean Zulich

Oct 15, 2015

We sat down with Dean Zulich, winner of the Offbeat Outdoors category in the 2014 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest to talk photography and tips for this year's contest.

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Hello, How Can I Help You? Meet WTA's Kim Brown

Sep 02, 2015

If you call the WTA office, you'll most likely be greeted by the voice of Kim Brown, resident expert on all things hiking and chocolate.

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Two Kids, Three Months, 100 Miles of Backpacking: Part II

Jul 28, 2015

Lorelei Felchlin is an adventurous spirit, and she's fostering that same spirit in her kids by getting them outdoors as much as possible. Joey (9), Elissa (7), and Vivian (1) spend their time hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and caving, and now they have set a goal to backpack 100 miles this summer. WTA caught up with her to see how the project is going.

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Tips for Memorable Camping with Kids

There’s no need to make your first few camping trips with your family multi-day extravaganzas. Instead, start with something simple, find your camping rhythm and enjoy the small break from your daily routine. Youth educator and mom Hilary L. Benson shared a few tips to help you get out with your family this camping season.

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Two Kids, Three Months, 100 Miles of Backpacking

Jun 26, 2015

Lorelei Felchlin is an adventurous spirit, and she's fostering that same spirit in her kids by getting them outdoors as much as possible. Joey (9), Elissa (7), and Vivian (1) spend their time hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and caving, and now they have set a goal to backpack 100 miles this summer. WTA caught up with her to discuss how she's going to tackle this goal.

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Trail Work as Quality Family Time

May 20, 2015

Volunteering with your kids on trail can be a very rewarding experience. It instills in them a sense of responsibility, and helps them take pride in a job well done. WTA Board member Joe Gregg periodically volunteers with his kids and offered a few words of wisdom about the value of getting young ones into volunteering at a young age.

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Include Your Kids on Outdoor Adventures

Apr 01, 2015

Outdoor enthusiast and photographer Gabe Grayum firmly believes in the importance of immersing kids in the wild, and the ability of young hikers to tag along on grown-up adventures. Read his advice on how to include them, and check out WTA's family hiking resources, including advice from some of our trip reporters extrordinaire on how to adventure with your young ones.

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Advice for Outdoor Families

Jan 28, 2015

Erin Kirkland, outdoor parent and editor of the new Outdoor Families Magazine, shares tips keeping kids warm and happy on trail.

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Cape Disappointment Is No Disappointment

Apr 27, 2014

Mid-winter break brings adventure and exploration on the southwest Washington coast to one family.

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Backpacking with Baby: 15 Days 'Round Rainier

Aug 20, 2013

One family spends 15 days and 14 nights on the Wonderland Trail -- with a 9-month-old baby. For families who are wondering if they should backpack with baby, WTA trip reporter MikeOnAHike answers four of the most common questions they get along the trail. Check them out, and get inspired by their adventure.

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Taking Kids Camping for the First Time

Jul 19, 2013

Get tips for camping with kids and ideas for kid-friendly hikes near Mount Rainier from Youth Programs Manager Krista Dooley as she shares her experience taking her nephew camping and hiking for the first time.

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Fun and Games on Trail: Getting Kids Outside in Fall

Oct 05, 2012

How do you keep kids active and engaged with the natural world during autumn? We put the same question to our Facebook community, and heard great ideas from educators, parents, and other people who hike with kids.

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