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Lost Trail: Boundary Trail

The iconic 80-mile Boundary Trail spans almost the entire length of the Pasayten Wilderness and is part of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.

Boundary Trail

The extensive Boundary Trail spans almost the entire length of the vast and remote Pasayten Wilderness—offering miles of expansive views, a peek at Washington's arctic tundra and unbeatable opportunities for solitude. It serves as a crucial 80-mile link in the Pacific Northwest Trail, connecting the Rocky Mountains of Montana to the sandy shores of Washington's Coast.

While this trail should be in prime condition, decreases in funding along with catastrophic wildfires have left segments of the Boundary Trail nearly impossible to navigate by hikers and other trail users. Fallen trees have littered the trail—200 or more in some sections—while erosion and brush have made areas of the trail all but disappear and have stopped horse packers in their tracks.

With your help, we're working to restore the Boundary Trail to its former glory. Through our advocacy efforts in Congress and our boots-on-the-ground trail maintenance we can put this trail back on the map.  

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