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Advancing Trail Smarts

Supporting trails is not just about the much-needed trail maintenance and additional investment. It’s also about hiker awareness, transportation access, trip-reported conditions and so much more. We need targeted education to improve on-trail experiences and help hikers discover brand-new adventures.

Supporting trails isn't just about doing trail maintenance and increased funding. It’s also about hiker awareness.  Transportation, road access, trip-reported conditions and so much more all help make a healthy trail system.

All of this requires targeted education to improve your on-trail experiences and help you lessen your impact on the places you love. If you haven’t seen our Trail Smarts video series, now's a great time to check it out. These tools provide quick refreshers on some of the most important hiking best practices.

Fun fact: Trip reports aren't just good for planning your next hike. They are critical to land managers as they make decisions and plan for the future needs of hikers. Write one today!