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Bare Mountain

Backcountry Response Team

Thu Jul 20, 2023 8:30 AM — Sun Jul 23, 2023 3:30 PM

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Snoqualmie Region — North Bend Area

Features: Logout, Earn Northwest Forest Pass

Crew Leader: Liza Noworyta

Remnants of the Lookout. Photo by jeffdill


The trail to the summit of Bare Mountain leads to a former lookout site with fantastic views of Baker, Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. It's further off the I-90 corridor than most of the popular trails here, so it doesn't see as much traffic.

Because of that, this route needs a fair amount of maintenance, and we'll do it all on this trip: logout, tread restoration, brushing and drainage enhancement.

About the Area

This is a lonely little trail on the Snoqualmie Ranger District leading to a 5353-foot summit. The summit includes the scattered remains of a lookout removed in 1973 and views of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier and the Olympics. The first two miles follow an abandoned mining road, crossing along Bear Creek. About three-quarters of a mile later, it crosses the creek on a footbridge and enters the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

What to Expect

We'll have fun, work hard and make a difference!

Project Description

It has been a while since Bare Mountain has seen some trail maintenance, so we will be predominantly working on logout, tread restoration, brushing, and drainage enhancement to ensure this trail's longevity for years to come.

Camping and Hiking Information

Backcountry camping - plan to hike approximately one mile to the wilderness boundary to our campsite with full packs and tools. Saw & tread teams may be working on the trail in both directions from camp, depending on scouting report.

Plan to hike 2-4 miles roundtrip over moderate terrain, which will possibly include two water crossings.


  • Day 1: Meet the crew rain or shine, then hike in, begin work on the project and set up camp
  • Day 2+: Make breakfast and pack a lunch before heading out on trail with the crew by 8:00 AM. Work at your own pace, take plenty of breaks and enjoy lunch on the trail. Arrive back in camp by 4:00 or 5:00 PM for a relaxing evening. Prepare your own dinner and swap stories with the crew. / Make a lunch and pack up camp before heading out on trail with the crew by 8:00 AM. Work at your own pace, take plenty of breaks and enjoy lunch on the trail. Reach camp by 4:00 or 5:00 PM for a relaxing evening. Set up, prepare your own dinner and swap stories with the crew.
  • Final Day: Break down camp, finish trail project, hike out and say goodbye to the crew at the trailhead

For safety reasons, arriving late or leaving early is not allowed.

Planning Information

Get ready for a challenging backcountry adventure!

What it Takes to Do This Work Party

  • A great attitude for working with a team! WTA provides the training and tools you need for the project
  • Backpacking gear and food for multiple nights on the trail
  • Good physical condition to hike with a fully-loaded backpack and be physically active for about 8-9 hours daily on uneven terrain 
  • Backpacking experience including ability to run your own camp following Leave No Trace principles
  • Day work party experience recommended
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes due to unpredictable weather or land manager requests
  • Minimum age: 18

What to Bring

  • Boots
  • Long pants 
  • Work gloves
  • Long-sleeved shirt recommended
  • Eye protection recommended (glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses)

Backpacking gear

  • Backpack to carry all of your gear
  • Tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Cooking gear and enough food (plus a little extra) for the entire trip
  • At least two 1-liter water bottles and a way to purify your water
  • Rain jacket and rain pants
  • Extra warm clothing
  • Camp clothing such as shorts, shirt and sandals
  • Sun and bug protection
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Personal items such as medication, hand sanitizer and toiletries
  • ​First aid kit
  • A sense of fun and adventure for learning new skills and meeting great people!

Trail work gear

  • Boots
  • Long pants 
  • Work gloves
  • Long-sleeved shirt recommended
  • Eye protection recommended such as safety glasses
  • WTA hard hat (provided, unless you have one)

For safety reasons, shorts and sneakers are not allowed while working. Firearms and weapons are not allowed.

More Information

From the Hiking Guide

See what WTA's hiking guide and trip reports say about this area.

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From I-90 about 30 miles east of Seattle, take Exit 31 (North Bend) and head north. You will pass a fast food restaurant and a service station. If you have any thoughts of using a restroom these will be your only options until you get back to town. There are no facilities along North Fork Road, or at the trailhead.

Cross the railroad tracks and turn right on North Bend Way, go two blocks, then turn left onto Ballarat Ave. Stay on that main road as it changes directions (and names) several times. In about four miles, come to a Y where both branches are marked "Dead End." No worries! The sign for the left branch adds "Next 24 Miles," and that's your route.

The pavement soon ends, and you will have a 20-mile drive on rough roads that often have potholes and may be dusty. Take your time and accept the situation. The route isn't very scenic: you'll just be passing a lot of logged-over areas. About 17 miles from the Y, turn left and cross a bridge over Lennox Creek. Then turn right onto Forest Road 57, where the "57" sometimes is obscured by vegetation. (Remember this intersection for your return when you will go left here, cross the bridge, then go right onto North Fork Road.)

On Road 57, it's another 3.2 miles to the Bare Mountain Trailhead. It will be on your left at an elevation of 2,100 feet. Parking is available in a wide area on the right side of the road or along the shoulder. There is room for perhaps six or seven cars, plus two more on the left at the trailhead itself. There are no facilities here.


Note: Please follow the written directions above instead of using a GPS device. This will ensure that you get to the correct meeting location for this work party. The location of the pinpoint below is only approximate.

Getting to WTA work parties can involve travel on rough, unpaved roads in areas without cellular service and without street addresses that can be accurately used by navigation devices. Unless specifically noted otherwise, routes can generally be traveled by all types of vehicles. Volunteers with limited experience driving on unpaved mountain roads may want to allow extra time, beyond what is recommended in the directions above, to get to the meeting location.

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