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Calling Elected Officials

Tips for calling your elected officials.

On the phone in the Olympics
Get in touch with your representative however you can! Photo by Amanda Maclean.
Calling your elected officials is a great way to make your voice heard, literally! Don't expect to speak to your actual senator or representative on the phone; instead you'll most likely speak with a member of his or her staff.

When you call

  • Ask to speak with the staff member who handles the issue or bill in which you have an interest.
  • Identify yourself (make sure you tell them if you are a constituent), and identify the issue with which you are concerned. If it's a specific bill, identify the bill by its S. or H.R. number.
  • Briefly state your reason for calling. For instance, "I'd like to know Representative X's position on H.R. 1100." Or, "I'd like Senator Y to know that I strongly oppose S. 234 because ______."
  • If you would like a reply from your congressperson, let the staff member know.
  • Keep the call short and courteous. Remember to thank the staff member for his or her time.