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Supporting trails is about more than trail maintenance and public lands advocacy. It’s also about building a welcoming community of trail smart hikers. Learn how to stay safe, improve your on-trail experience and lessen your impact on the places you love.

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New to Hiking

We can help guide you through everything you need to know as you hit the trail in Washington.

Beaver Lake_kerry Valentine.jpgSpring Hiking Tips

What hikers should know before heading out on a hike this season.

Hiking How To
Hiking How To

These instructional articles will help you plan a day on trail.

A tick sits on a piece of clothing.

How to Hike in Tick Country

Hike with confidence in tick country with these practices.

Leave No TraceLeave No Trace

Get tips on how you can lessen your impact on trails and in camp.

Hikers cross a stream with backpacks on.How to Navigate Water Crossings

These tips will help make your next crossing a safe and enjoyable one.

Hiking with dogsHiking With Dogs

We can help prepare you and your dog for a great time on trail.

A hiker walks through the snow with the help of crampons and trekking poles.Washington's Hiking Jargon

Here's a list of commonly-used words and phrases that will help you understand the hiking community.

A Discover Pass and a waterfall are pictured.Passes and Permits for Hiking

Passes and permits are a reality of hiking in Washington. Learn which ones you need and where.

A screenshot of WTA's hiking guide of Lake 22.How to Use WTA's Hiking Guide

WTA’s online Hiking Guide is full of information about thousands of trails across the state. Learn how to use it here.

Boots and snowshoes are neatly organized at WTA's Puyallup gear library.Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Your Gear Organized

Spark joy and get ready for summer by organizing your gear closet with these tips and tricks.