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Seasonal Hikes

There are incredible trails to enjoy year-round in Washington. Decide where to go depending on the season and make the most of your hike.


From waterfalls to early wildflowers, spring is a great time of year to get a jump start on the hiking season, especially on lower elevation trails.



The sun is shining and trails are snow-free. These hiking and backpacking recommendations will keep you busy all summer long.


Winter is the perfect time to explore trails close to home or head out on a snowshoeing adventure. Get advice on where to go for winter outings.


Fall means incredible colors, weird fungus and mild temperatures. Find a trail to take in the sights as winter approaches.


Year Round Hikes

Even when it's snowy in the mountains (which is longer than you might expect here in Washington), you can usually find a dry trail somewhere nearby. Find hikes 30 minutes away from your nearest city, or further afield.