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Fall Hikes

Fall — the best hiking season! Larches glowing gold in the high country, maples and alder blazing orange and yellow, and crisp blue skies? Yes please. Just remember to bring a few more layers and maybe something warm to drink. These suggestions include some favorites and some you may not have heard of, but they could be your next favorite.

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Hike Like a Pro 

Where to Pitch Your Tent | Right-of-way On Trail | Late Fall Safety TipsHiking in the Rain Safely 

Late Fall Hiking Safety Tips

How to stay safe while hiking in late fall. Check the weather. Choose your destinations wisely. Tell others where you will be hiking. Pack the right gear. Know when to turn back. File a trip report when you get back.

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Mushrooms: Weird, Wonderful and Worth a Hike

Washington has one of the most expansive and diverse selection of mushrooms in the world, and their wild wonder can turn a grey day on trail into a wonderland. So lace up your boots, throw on a waterproof coat and direct your gaze to the miniature world at your feet.

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Hidden History: Ghost Town Hikes

Fall is the perfect time to explore low-country, historic hikes, and Washington is full of old ghost towns with rich histories. Take a walk at one of the many sites in the state, and be sure to bring along this guide, made possible thanks to our friends at

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Five Tips for Fall Hiking

Autumn is a fine time to get into the mountains. The backcountry is bursting with fall color, crowds have thinned to a trickle, and the bugs are all but gone. But like any type of recreation, hiking carries certain risks, and your safety is best ensured with preparation and caution.

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Staying Safe During Hunting Season

Tips for staying safe around hunters in the backcountry.

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Finding Fall Hikes

How to use WTA's search features to find the best fall hikes.

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Hike Washington's Wild & Scenic Rivers

Celebrate the Wild & Scenic River Act with a ramble along one of Washington's own nationally recognized rivers.

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Hi-Lo Hikes for Fall Colors

Get the most out of autumn hiking in Washington: go high and go low. When the forecast is fine, ascend alpine slopes for golden larches and long views. On cloudy days or when snow closes out the high country, delve deep into canyon country and river gorges for your fall fix.

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Crisp and Colorful: Nine Spectacular Fall Hikes

Fall is one of the best seasons to be out on trail in Washington. As summer's green gives way to glorious autumn hues, pack an extra fleece, fill your thermos, and rediscover an entirely new side to Washington hiking, one full of vine maple, mushrooms, larches, berries and fantastic wildlife watching.

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8 Trails that Tell a Native American Story

Washington's native tribes have strong connections to the land, and trails are one of the cultural landscapes tracing that connection through time. Through hiking, we can connect to the knowledge, history and legacy embedded in pathways reaching back 10,000 years.

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Golden Hikes for Fall

Autumn hiking is golden in more ways than one. Besides the leaves and larches burning brightly on alpine slopes, the shorter days mean you'll catch more sunrises and sunsets.

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Not Over Yet! Hikes to Stretch Your Summer

Feel like you missed summer? Make time for one of these classic trails that bridge the season from summer to fall.

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Late Fall Hikes for Vibrant Reds

As the fall season comes to a close, many hikes throughout the state of Washington still retain the bright colors of the season. Enjoy the crisp autumn air and rich red hues before the end of the season.

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Signature Projects: Nearly 30 Years of Iconic Trail Work

Washington Trails Association has been working all over the state for twenty years now. We take pride in each work party, but some have required a little more sticktoitiveness than others. These are our signature projects. Take a look and see where we've worked near you, then get out there and see how the trail looks!

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College Town Trails

College is a time for exploration and trying new things. Whether you plan on staying in your hometown or moving across the state, consider venturing out to one of these close-to-campus trails.

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Fall Hikes to the Mount Tahoma Huts

The MTTA huts provide a warm and welcome shelter for those who want to keep adventuring as the weather turns to fall.

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Haunted Hikes

Dark forests, caves, Sasquatch, mythology and past history guide us to spooky trails. They're perfect for celebrating Halloween.

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Bigfoot and Batsquatch: Find Washington's Mysterious Creatures on These Trails

Keep your eyes peeled on these hikes for Bigfoot and other elusive cryptids.

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20 Hikes for the Best Berry Picking

Blueberries, huckleberries and hiking in Washington's Cascades.

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Bird Watching Hikes in Washington: Where to See Birds, Birbs and Borbs

Bird watching can be another great layer to add to any hike. Washington’s diverse ecological landscape offers a wide variety of bird watching opportunities year-round.

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Learn Your History: Layered Stories on Washington's Lands

Next time you go hiking, seek out histories of the trail you might have missed, and realize the complexity of history isn't in knowing the dates of important events, but it's how those events affected the people who weren't writing the history books.

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