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Our Trails Rebooted campaign is finding solutions to support our popular recreation areas by improving existing trails, championing the construction of new ones and helping hikers see the role they play in the future of trails.

We believe the hiking community can be the change they want to see on trail, so we’re channeling your passion for hiking to reimagine what’s possible for iconic trails and investing in the trail system of tomorrow. 

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Our Work

Several women walk toward the camera on a beach carrying full trash bags and smiling.

Hikers Helping Hikers

A big part of our work hinges on hikers seeing themselves as stewards of the lands they recreate on.

Whether that's sharing responsible recreation tips at a trailhead table, helping your friends get outside safely or simply taking a trash bag with them on their next hike to clean up the trail, we love to see it.

How Trail Smart are you?

View from Rattlesnake Ledge at sunset. Several people are sitting on the ledge looking out over the ledge. 

Building the Trail System of Tomorrow

To meet the need of the many people learning to love Washington's trails, WTA is working with partners to build more, and more sustainable trails statewide, from Spokane to the Columbia River Gorge; from the North Cascades to the mountains a short drive from Puget Sound. Some parts of the state are getting special focus due to their potential for future visitation.

See where we're working near you, and what we've accomplished there so far. 

Three women stand near an improved section of the Horseshoe Bend trail. They're in front of a green background with big smiles.

Activating Volunteers

Volunteerism is core to WTA's work. More than 75% of our trail work goes towards Trails Rebooted routes.

78% of our hiking guide content includes hikes written by volunteers correspondents. And our outreach and advocacy efforts are partially driven by volunteer ambassadors; people just like you who care about showing up for trails.

See how WTA volunteers have improved your hiking experience, and how you can tap in, too!

Stories From the Field

Improvements on Their Way to Trails and Lands Near You

During the 2022 state legislative session, WTA rallied our partners and hiking community to make an ambitious ask. It paid off when lawmakers agreed to provide $5 million annually to each of Washington’s three largest land management agencies. This funding is already helping the agencies clear trails, improve parking lots, repair roads, removing hazard trees, install water sources and more.


Hike the Hill: WTA Staff Advocate for Trails, Funding and Equity in D.C.

WTA staff traveled to Washington, D.C. alongside partners to meet with the congressional leaders and leaders of federal land management agencies. We talk about our vision of creating trails for everyone and discussed how to better maintain trails and recreation infrastructure in Washington.


Creating Even Better Hiking for the Port Gamble Forest

An effort is underway to protect critical areas within the Port Gamble Forest. The area is popular with hikers and many other outdoor enthusiasts. The work is a continuation of earlier work to protect a large section of forest.