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So You Want to Be an Advocate?

If you're committed to supporting trails across Washington and protecting the lands they're on, then you're already an advocate for trails! If you're ready to take the next step, check out our advocacy toolkit, filled with ways to connect with elected officials, in person, online and any time! All you have to remember is H.I.K.E!

Pledge to Recreate Responsibly


Across Washington, some public lands are reopening to hikers for day use after closures related to the coronavirus. That’s why we’re asking you to pledge to #recreateresponsibly and follow best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus when you’re out on trail.

As a nonprofit supported by hikers like you, we know the immense value that getting outside has for our hearts, minds and bodies. With this in mind, hikers should remember that this reopening is a trial run. As long as the coronavirus is a public health concern, it will take extra effort from all of us to keep each other safe, and to keep hiking a healthy activity. 

Pledge today to #recreateresponsibly. Let’s keep our trails healthy and safe places for everyone.

Take Action Any Day

There are lots of everyday ways to be an advocate for our public lands and trails. Join us in taking action whenever you are outdoors.