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Summer Hikes

Long days and less snow in the mountains: for some, summer is the best hiking season. With so many possible destinations, how do you pick where to go? Let us help. These features highlight some of Washington's best locations, and some you may not have heard of, but are definitely worth a visit.

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Hike Like a Pro 

Where to Pitch Your Tent | How to Keep Cool | How to Read a MapA Guide to Washington's Hiking Jargon

Half a Day or Farther Away: 11 Hikes for Summer

From shaded trails enshrouded in moss-covered trees to vast, rolling hills to rugged, ice-capped mountains, trails are everywhere. The kind of public lands that host these trails vary just as much as the landscapes themselves. Some of your favorite backyard hikes are on city and county lands, but some of those epic trips are served up on federal lands like national forests and parks.

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15 WTA Staff-Picked Trails to Hike Around the State This Summer

Get inspired for hiking this summer! Discover new-to-you hikes from around the state, hand-picked by the staff of Washington Trails Association.

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19 Hikes for Stretching Your Legs on Summer Road Trips

Skip the rest stops and instead opt for one of these easily-accessible roadside rambles the next time you’re touring the state.

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Low-Key Overnight Backpacking Destinations

Enjoy an overnight stay in the backcountry this summer. Extending a day hike into a longer overnight trip adds an entirely new experience, with opportunities to watch the sun rise and set, and stargaze.

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Weekend Backpacking Trips

Immerse yourself in the backcountry with some longer hikes. The backpack trips described here are all between 10 and 25 miles — some can be hiked in two days (one night), but several would be much more enjoyable if you take three days.

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The Best Hikes for Your Astrological Sign

If you're looking for hike inspiration based on an arbitrary set of characteristics determined by what time of year you were born, look no further.

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Long Hikes, Overnights for Labor Day Weekend

Whether you have one, two or three days in mind, make your way into the backcountry this holiday weekend. You can go for the day, or turn these long day hikes into overnights.

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Hike the Minecraft Biomes of Washington

If you want to take your Minecraft exploration off-screen, we figured we could help by pairing in-game biomes with some local hikes right here in Washington.

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Hike Across Washington Through Motion Pictures

Washington's remote areas, diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks make it a great place for filming and telling any number of stories. With the large variety of different places in the state where motion pictures have been set and filmed, you could easily hike all across Washington just by visiting these spots.

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22 Short Summer Hikes with Giant Views

Find big summer views without putting in long miles.

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Hike Washington's National Forests

Get to know the national forests in Washington.

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Conditioning Hikes

Have some big adventures planned for summer? Get your body used to the demands of being on trail so you have a lot more fun and you feel more sure on your feet.

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