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The Best Hikes for Your Astrological Sign

If you're looking for hike inspiration based on an arbitrary set of characteristics determined by what time of year you were born, look no further.

horoscope 1_Chris Peckover.jpg
100% accurate depiction of constellations above Mount Rainier. Original photo by Chris Peckover. 

We're certainly no expert on the, er, science of the zodiac. But we do have a lot of experience matching people with their perfect hike. And with so many to pick from in Washington, where do you even start? You can always sift through the hiking guide, look at recent trip reports or check your saved hikes in My Backpack, but sometimes inspiration can come by just looking ... up.

So if you're looking for your next hike based on an arbitrary set of characteristics determined by what time of year you were born, look no further. You'll find hikes for right now and for later in the year, and we also included which signs you're most compatible with to help ensure harmony in the hiking group. 


December 22 - January 21

You love a challenge. Steep trail? Hard to follow? Bring it on. Your partner's pack is too heavy? You'll carry their water for 'em, but you better believe you're both not stopping 'til you get to the summit. After all, you didn't get your whole group psyched for a hike just to turn around early. 

Challenge yourself with a trail run at your local trail. Photo by Mike McNamara. 

Where to go: Mount Defiance (but not on a sunny weekend, you've done your research and know it's hard to find parking), Mount Townsend via Little River or the gorge-ous (hah) Table Mountain.

Who should you hike with: A chill but hard-working Taurus or a go-with-the flow Cancer.


January 22 - February 21

If anyone's going to redefine a hike, it's you, Aquarius. Get your friends together at a neighborhood park for a sunset stroll or take it slow on a regional trail with a close friend and pop into a local cafe for an oat milk latte and deep conversation. Your friends know they'll always have a good time hanging with you, and you can help expand their definition of what a "hike" looks like. 

Local parks can offer stunning views and a nice walk with friends. Photo by Quinn Poer. 

Where to go: Find your closest local park using our Hike Finder Map. There are more trails next door to you than you might expect to find. Hit up Seward Park, wander along the Spokane Centennial Trail, or take the Sa-Teekh-Wa Trail next time you're in Winthrop. 

Who to hike with: Spend some time with your Leos (who love being around friends) or an open-minded Sagittarius. 


February 22 - March 21

Your sensitivity means you find beauty and joy wherever you look. That means you'll be happy on almost any trail — but you've got an eye for small wonders. Try a rainforest ramble or something in the shrub steppe for lots of natural beauty. Bring a friend or don't; you're likely to make new friends out there. 

You can find beauty everwhere, so you'll be happy to be outside no matter the weather. Photo by Scott McComb. 

Where to go: Find a trailhead serviced by a bus route — even if you head out alone, by the end of the ride you'll have found someone to hike with. And if you don't, the trail you end up on will have plenty to wonder at. Try taking the bus to the trailhead for Augspurger Mountain (once it gets started again of course), the Deep Ravine Loop, or wander along a section of the Burnt Bridge Greenway Trail

Who to hike with: An adventurous Gemini or always-ready-for-something-new Aries.


March 22 - April 21

Weekend bearing down on you with no plans? No problem. You're independent and resourceful — you'll dive right into our Hiking Guide for somewhere new. No recent trip reports? Even better. You're the type of hiker who sees that as a challenge, and you'll report back with updated, useful information. 

Get out there and find out what conditions are like on trail with your friends. Photo by Zach Takasawa. 

Where to hike: You like a challenging hike, but prefer one that doesn't take to long to get to, or where the roads aren't too confusing. Luckily, you can put the recently re-opened Angry Mountain trail on your list for summer. Right now, check out somewhere on Mount Spokane to see how it looks in the snow, or hit up the trails on Tiger, Cougar, or Squak Mountain.

Who to hike with: A balanced Libra will help keep you from getting too frustrated if the trailhead is hard to find, and a faithful Leo will stick by you, even if the hike winds up being way harder than you expected.


April 22 - May 21

Down-to-earth and practical, you also set great store by the senses. You love the feel of the sun on your skin and the scent of pine (or ocean, or sagebrush...really any landscape will do as long as it smells good). You're happy hiking just about anywhere, as long as the weather's fine, the views are gorgeous, and there's a cold drink and a tasty snack waiting for you at the end. 

Turns out Tauruses really do love long walks on the beach. Photo by Kayla Boyes

Where to hike: Somewhere scenic. You need expansive ocean horizons or big craggy mountains. Head to Crescent Beach Preserve on Orcas Island, take in wide-open skies from the top of Steamboat Rock, or revel in the craggy coast of Cape Flattery (just don't forget to get a permit in Neah Bay). 

Who to go with: A sensitive Cancer will appreciate the same scenery as you, and a Scorpio might clue you into some new locations you've never heard of. 


May 22 - June 21

You like to have options. That can mean a trail that leads a lot of places, or a trail you can enjoy a variety of ways. If you mountain bike and hike, try a trail that allows both and see which way you like it best. Or check out our Hike Finder Map and find somewhere you can do a few different trails from the same starting point. 

Multi-use trails in the Columbia River Gorge have breathtaking views and tons of options. Photo from WTA archives. 

Where to Hike: Take a weekday and hit up Grand Ridge or the Labyrinth at Coyote Wall where you can hike or mountain bike your favorite loop (and still be able to find parking). Or try Thorp Mountain — there are three ways up it, and there's even a lookout at the top so you can speculate about who used to live up there while you enjoy lunch. 

Who to hike with: An open-minded Sagittarius will follow you on the adventures you create, and innovative Aquarius will appreciate the routes you put together.


June 22 - July 21

Imaginative, tenacious, and friend-oriented — you're the perfect person to plan a fun and creative backpacking trip for you and your friends. You'd rather make your own adventure than follow a pre-planned route, so grab some maps, check our trip reports and see what you can come up with.


Where to Hike: Trail networks overlay much of Washington, giving you tons of options to create your own adventure. Check out the Esmeralda Peak Loop or the gnarly Packer's Trail - Mount Misery Loop for ideas, then build your own; that's what you'd prefer to do anyway.   

Who to hike with: You need a stubborn, hardworking Capricorn or Taurus to stick with you to the end of that insanely-long/steep/brushy backpacking trip you put together. Just be sure to reward them with beers or a good summit view. 


July 22 - August 21

Creative, passionate and cheerful, you bring the good vibes to any hike, even when it's pouring (which we maintain is actually not terrible hiking weather). You love leading your friends to new experiences and, inspired by your confidence, they'll follow. You won't intentionally pick hard hikes, but if conditions change, they can count on you to make any sufferfest into Type I fun

Sunny days and friends help you hike your best hike, Leo. Photo by Quena Batres. 

Where to hike: So where should you hike? Pretty much any trail you like will be a fun one for you and your friends. Since you like being with a posse, consider visiting a trailhead with enough parking for all of you. Even better, carpool! Try Wallace Falls State Park (you can use the webcam to check trailhead traffic before you go). Visit Priest Point for an in-town outing, or a try a trek on the Truman Trail for something more rugged.

Who to hike with: Curious Geminis will be excited to see where you lead them, and trendy Aquarians will love finding the next hot trail with you. 


August 22 - September 21

You're detail-oriented, analytical and eager to please, making you great at pulling together group trips with your close friends. By the time the trip starts, you'll have checked and rechecked every detail, down to who's bringing what food and drink, where you're camping, and ensuring you've got the right permits in the hopes it all goes off without a hitch. And usually, it does. 

Planning and filling out permits is just the beginning of the journey. Photo courtesy Rachel Wendling. 

Where to hike: Flex those organizational skills by making a creative itinerary for a permitted or hard-to-get-to area. Try a thru-hike of Mount Rainier's Eastside Loop or the Pasayten's Boundary Trail, or plan a road trip around the St. Helens area. 

Who to hike with: A go-with-the-flow Pisces or Cancer will love to come along for the ride you so carefully planned!


September 22 - October 21

Libra, your adventurous spirit is balanced out with being both diplomatic and gracious. You're always down to explore, but sensitive to changes and can tell when you might need to adjust your course.  Your perfect hike is one that promises great adventure, but also a good option for bailing out if necessary — safety and your group's happiness comes first for you!

Hiking with your friends is your happy place, Libra. Photo by Jonathan Rothberg. 

Where to hike: Hit up Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, where there are not only lots of trails, but also an aquarium, zoo, rose garden, and lots of other attractions to entertain your group. Once the snow melts, try the Skyline Loop at Rainier if it's too long for your crew, you can always cut it short by heading down the Golden Gate Trail

Who to hike with: A brave Aries will follow you on the adventures you seek, and caring Sagittarius will help keep you and your crew safe while hiking. 


October 22 - November 21

With your resourcefulness and bravery, you'll always be prepared for a great hike. Your friends can count on you to have read the latest trip report, and if the hike sounds gnarly enough, they can also count on you to convince them to join you on it. But you'll both have fun — you don't have time for any but your best friends, and they've been through enough with you to trust you to provide a great outing. 

Your research is thorough and your good attitude are infectious; your group will be happy even on a rainy outing. Photo by Alex Weinberg. 

Where to hike: Try Kendall Peaks for a snowshoe, or see if you can convince your friends to head to the Peninsula in spring for a rain-soaked good time. If that's a tall order, Cape Disappointment State Park is a great destination year-round, and you can rent a yurt for your crew if it's rainy. 

Who to hike with: Taurus will love how deeply you research to find the best spots, and friend-oriented Cancers are down to hang with you wherever you go. 


November 22 - December 21

Open-minded and driven to achieve, Sagittarius loves a hike with a fantastic payoff at the end, but your boundless optimism might mean you tackle a hike in cloudy weather hoping for a clear summit. That's OK, even if you don't get the view, your sense of humor will keep things light. 

Sag, you'll lead your crew to a summit for sure. Whether or not it's actually got a view is weather-dependent. Photo by James Brady.

Where to hike: Head for a summit, or for the coast for a nice view in winter. Try Green Mountain on the Kitsap Peninsula in the winter, and save Green Mountain off the Mountain Loop Highway for summer. Want a coast hike? Try Fort Worden State Park. It's got amazing views of the Strait, and even if it's cloudy, the close-in scenery is excellent. 

Who to hike with: A Gemini will do the same hike with you multiple times to see what it's like in different conditions, while an Aries won't run from a difficult climb.