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Trip Report

My Backyard, My Neighborhood — Monday, Apr. 6, 2020

Puget Sound and Islands

With a few writing projects to get done today, I opted for the stay-as-close-to-home-as-possible outside time with some laps around the block. Did you know 4 laps makes a mile?  Here's to 2 miles or getting to know my neighborhood better.

A right at the "trailhead" had me headed north but the trail soon took a right again in just a few yards towards the east and a lovely view of the Cascades. The skies were clearer than yesterday so Pilchuck, Three Fingers and Whitehorse were visible. I had to watch my step where the trail was a little rough as I crossed the alley but was soon on smooth ground again.

Lichen clung to wooden fence posts, flowers bloomed and wildlife sat in the sun near a parked car. I saw a few good water sources but didn't have the gear to access them. Also, there was evidence of recent trailwork but a few patches of overgrown grass in a neighbors yard were noticeable.

After an hour it was time to find the privy, thankfully I know where two are back at the trailhead.  :)