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Trip Report

Garfield Ledges — Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020

Snoqualmie Region

*black bear sighting on trail*

Drove our to the trailhead with the intention of a midweek sunset hike. Got to the trailhead around 545ish. There are a couple large potholes once the paved forest road ends, but easily drivable with any car. There were 3 other cars at the trailhead when we arrived - 2 of which were leaving. Which seemed great, we wanted the view to ourselves.

It was a slow climb up the trail because we were hiking with our cat and she takes lots of breaks. The trail is in great condition. Nice and wide. Would provide plenty of space for passing while maintaining a safe covid distance. 

Anyways, got to the top and the view really is stunning for a 1.1 mile climb. We were getting ready to settle in for the sunset when we heard rustling up the hill behind us. Turned to see a black bear about 20-30 yards away happily munching on berries. (S)he didn’t seem to care at all or be surprised to see us. Mind you we weren’t be quiet- either hiking up or at the top - there was regular conversation. But all the same we turned around and made our way back down. No sunset for us today.