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Glacier Peak Meadows — Friday, Sep. 4, 2020

North Cascades

My cat, my partner, and I did a leisurely backpacking trip to Glacier Peak Meadows for Labor day weekend. We left Seattle right after work on Friday, and arrived to an overflowing TH around 8pm. We were lucky to find a parking spot!

We hiked in to the campsite that's about 5 miles in and set up camp in the dark. The following morning, we got up and hiked in the rest of the way to Glacier Peak Meadows. We saw lots and lots of climbers hiking in, some backpackers, some thru hikers, and some trail runners. Between backpackers and thru hikers, the campsites at the meadows were full, but it seemed like everyone was able to find a spot. It didn't feel overcrowded though.

On Sunday, we made our way down to the waterfall in the morning. We couldn't find the official trail there, so followed a dry creek bed down. We found the trail on our way back -  it's maybe 1/4 mile past the campsites. We went and checked out the cinder cone after dinner, and enjoyed the pink evening skies there. The night was much chillier than the previous one.

We got up Monday morning, packed up, and sadly headed back to civilization. We talked to lots of cool people, loved the meadows, and are looking forwards to our next outing!

Road was in good shape just some minor potholes. Bugs were mostly annoying flies and a handful of mosquitoes. Flowers are pretty much gone, but low bush blueberries galore!


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