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Trip Report

Tiger Mountain Trail, West Tiger Railroad Grade, Nook Trail & Section Line Trail — Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021

Issaquah Alps

A wonderful day to hike Tiger Mountain today to view all the mushrooms and fungus growth by the trailside.

This is the route I took to hike about 8 miles with 2k elevation gain: Explore West Tiger 7 miler 2k | AllTrails

I hiked the Nook and Section line trails to the junction with West Tiger RR Grade, and turned left there.

West Tiger RR Grade is a wonderful trail to walk - you don't gain or lose much elevation, so you can can look at the forest some more. The tread is soft, there are lots of vine maples on the hillsides, they are turning lime-green/yellow right now. I didn't see anyone on West Tiger RR Grade the whole time. The only time I did was on the junction with Cable Line.

I went up K3 from West Tiger RR Grade for a while, till the junction with TMT. This is where the trail is closed, so you cannot follow TMT to West Tiger #2 from here, so I took TMT all the way back to the Highpoint trailhead parking lot.

TMT was also great to hike today, lots of fungal growth here too, the usual red cedar trees, and peek-a-boo views of the tower on West Tiger #2, with dirt at the base instead of trees, because of the recent logging/harvesting. As always, crossed multiple groups of trail runners here. 

Vine Maple
Murat's bridge
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