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Trip Report

Snoquera Falls Loop — Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2009

Mount Rainier Area
My friend and I left Enumclaw and headed up 410 on a sunny day. News at Wapiti Wooley's was grim - most trails were still buried under snow. Luckily, we didn't listen and headed up to try to reach Snoquera Falls. Turned left into Camp Sheppard parking lot, 11 miles after Greenwater - the lot was plowed bone dry today, with lots of snow towering around it. Decided to try the trail and see what happened. Some minor snow patches on the trail - poles helped, but weren't necessary - but the vast majority was dry ground. Perfect conditions. Reached the falls - a snow-covered path meandered through the rockfall. Poles really helped here; if you like solid ground beneath you, you might want to stop before the rockfall and enjoy the falls from there. Made it to the creek coming from the waterfall, took a snack break. Enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the falls, with snow all around. Eventually headed back down the way we came (though you could continue on the trail and loop around home). I think we went about 4 miles. Great hike, great day, glad we risked the drive up. Hike took less than 2 hours.