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Trip Report

Evergreen Mountain Lookout — Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011

Central Cascades
Hiking the trail to the lookout shelter.
This was an excellent fall hike on perhaps the last sunny and snow-free weekend to this destination in 2011. The trail is in good shape, with the first quarter mile brushed of encroaching vegetation. New snow is present on shady spots of the trail above 5,400 feet. The alpine blueberries have purple leaves, and the mountain ash leaves are changing from yellow and green to red. Surprisingly, there were still a handful of straggler lupine, aster and bluebell wildflowers. Watch out for big game hunters. It's a good idea to wear bright orange outerwear this time of year.
New snow about 5,400 feet. A sign of what's to come.
Scarlet-colored huckleberry leaves with backlighting.