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Trip Report

Hurricane Ridge Snowshoe — Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011

Olympic Peninsula
We got to the trailhead at 9am and were the first ones there. As we were leaving to start the hike, about 8/9 cars drove up. We were snowshoeing the whole way but you could make it without them - there is not yet a huge amount of snow, but you would be falling through a lot. The first part following the road is very packed down - there has been a lot of foot traffic since the last snow and it is a very easy trail. After the last parking lot the trail gets harder. I would recommend following the ridge instead of the summer trail the whole time. We tried to go over some of the hills on the ridge and ended up backtracking because the slope is hard on snowshoes. If you're in skis you should be fine. The top of the hill had a magnificent view. It was incredibly windy and not much snow at the top - just very thick ice. I was glad to have the cramp ons at the bottom of my snow shoes to not fall when going up and down the last hill. The hike took four hours there and back with a relaxed pace. An amazing hike! Looking forward to going back here again when there is even more snow.
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