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CCC Road: Blowout Creek Trailhead — Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011

Snoqualmie Region
Russian Buttes from CCC Road Trail
The CCC Road Trail is a great low elevation hike in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River area, especially now that recent improvements were made to the trail. Using national "stimulus" money, the Forest Served reworked much of the old road to make it more natural and interesting to hike on. Most notably, culverts were removed, replaced by fords in many spots. Handy stepping stones help out with crossing the larger streams. The road/ trail climbs high on the sunny side of the valley, nice on a clear December day. There's a lot to see on the CCC trail. Peek-a-boo vistas are frequent and give views of high snowy peaks such as the Russian Buttes. Mossy cliffs and tumbling creeks abound. We started at the east end of the trail and hiked about 5 miles west to a good viewpoint near Green Mountain, where the road cuts through a steep, granite-cliffed slope. This viewpoint is about 2 miles west of the point where the CCC Road Trail follows the Bessemer Mountain Logging Road for a third of a mile. The condition of the CCC Road trail is good. There are a few muddy stretches that could use some work, and a tree has fallen down on the trail about 1 mile from the east trailhead. A motorcycle recently drove on the trail, leaving some ugly gouges in its tread. The Forest Service needs to discourage that sort of misuse, perhaps by putting up a barrier and sign at the east trailhead.
Jim crosses one of the reworked creek fords on the CCC Trail
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