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Beaver Lake — Sunday, Jul. 20, 2014

North Cascades
Hello "Prospectors", Highway 530 is now open, but be prepared to witness the full devistation of the OSO disaster that happened back in April as the road takes you right through the heart of Washington State's worst, natural disaster that killed 43 people, if you plan on hitting this trail. You can always take the backside of the Mountain Loop, but it can make for a much longer drive to get to this hike. This is an excellent, easy, day hike for those who are just beginning or those who just want to get out and hit the trails! The parking area is not really monitored that much, so make sure to not leave personal/valuable items in plain view and lock everything in your trunk. This trail does not have a lot of people on it (we saw 2 people all day) and the trail is in great condition. Make sure to wear/layer with the right amount of clothing as this hike has a lot of coverage over the trail with a few spots open for the sun to come through. Bring some bug spray, especially around the Beaver Lake area as the mosquitoes did start to become a little aggressive, but was worth it as we did see one beaver dive into the water from its dam. I use natural Lavender bug spray which works really well. Great spots to sit and have lunch, right on the banks of the river all through the hike, or you can drive right across the road to the boat launch area and enjoy a nice river beach area for lunch, meditation, exploring or watching white water rafting tours come through (one boat actually flipped on the rapids while we were there...everyone was fine/safe and got back into the boat) and just enjoy the beautiful settings of watching the two rivers merge into one... Easy hike to be enjoyed by all ages and we will be back to do some more exploring and discovering on many of the wonderful hikes in this area. ~Happy Prospecting... The Intuitive Prospector